Time Tracking System with GWT

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap, fysik och matematik, DFM

Author: Amaia Carrillo Agirre; [2010]

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Abstract: Applied Research in System Analysis (ARiSA) AB, is a company whose main objective is to market the VizzAnalyzer™ software quality tool and related services, experiences, and research results. In the beginning, recording the time spent on different activities and projects for project control, cost calculation, and customer billing manually and individually was sufficient and effective. With the number of projects and people involved at a time increasing the existing mechanisms were not sufficient anymore and needed to be replaced to support an efficient recording of time and report generation. To solve this situation, a prototype of a web-based time tracking system was implemented. The task for this thesis was to build on the existing prototype implementation, to improve and complete it. In detail, to extend the functionalities of the web application adding user, project and activity management, and report creation. The solution supports an efficient time tracking for employees and it makes the report generation easier. This thesis describes the requirements for the project and the resulting implementation.

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