Measuring the staff technology readiness: the case of a multi
national chemical company operating in Iran

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Abstract: While studies on marketing have largely taken a dyadic approach, which
focuses on direct value-chain interaction between buyers and seller,
network theories pioneered by the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP)
group, have explained the facts in terms of the configuration of
relationships in networks. Related to this concept, one of the most
important tools to develop and interpret the network theory is "network
pictures" or "cognitive maps", which is the managers' subjective mental
representation of their relevant business environment. (Introduced by
Stephan C.M Hennebreg, Stefanos Mouzas and Pete Naude, et al., 2004 [12]).

In Iran, however, the academic studies on networks approaches have been
started in recent years and some case studies are under development. In
this article we investigate the relationships between IS staff and other
organizational actors in Bonyad organizations according to the network
approach of their managers. Besides as an other study the level of e-
readiness is under assessment in the sale department of Iran Khodro Co.,
referring to the network approach of their managers, and we hope to
publish the results as soon as possible in the next article.

In this paper we use the parsimonious set of interrelated dimensions as
well as the ANT methodology to analyze our network pictures obtained by
doing researches and interviews with managers in Bonyad Organizations.