Curtains of Nairobi

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Jerry Kopare; [2013]

Keywords: GoDown; Arts Centre; Nairobi; Kenya;


This proposal for GoDown Arts Centre invites you to enjoy an open and transformable architecture in a large shaded oasis. It is dressed in layers of thin curtains of glass, or mixed materials, suspended in wires between the floor slabs. Some spaces are fully visible, others are veiled, or protected behind opaque walls. The building has many different faces speaking freely in its manifestation of Nairobi's cultural diversity.

As one enters the building on ground level one can see a pool: its water reflecting the light of the atrium, improving air humidity, or indoor temperature. It can be rainwater collected by the large roof. Moreover, the pool can be deep enough for high-diving from platforms on the first floor. In fact, some sports have more in common with the arts than with other sports, and Nairobi's many cultures, or tribes, share traits, or interests, in spite of borders caused by geography, history, social differences etc..

Curtains of Nairobi is, therefore, a centre for art beyond borders. It provides the current activities with new spaces (approx. 2000 m2), plus adds 3000 m2 of new studios, offices, workshops, a restaurant, a pool, a 900 seat auditorium, and a roof garden.

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