Innsæi. Developing inner musicality

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Abstract: In this thesis, the subject of inner musicality is explored, including what it is and how to develop it. My own experiences in music are reflected upon through a diary, a personal journey of sorts. Along with the diary, a questionnaire was made, and short improvisational pieces were composed. An essential theme of this paper is the psychological subject of flow. Other themes include methods for strengthening confidence and expressivity in music and how this relates to becoming more connected musically. Furthermore, the importance of becoming free in music is stressed, along with how confidence and freedom go hand in hand. Total freedom is not necessarily a good thing as clarity and presence are necessary in music. Focus can help the performer to be present in the music, present in the now. This thesis centres mainly on singing and rhythm as points of focusing. The conclusion of this thesis is that in the absence of judgemental thoughts, music is allowed to happen in an organic way and a stronger connection to the performer’s inner musicality is made. It is suggested to enhance feelings and awareness, instead of honouring decisions of the mind. In this modern age of rational thought, the power of intuition should not be forgotten, especially in music.

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