Effects of Contiguity. The European Union and Russia: the Asymmetry of Relations.

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This paper concentrates on the relations between the EU and Russia. A closer look at these relations shows that one dialogue within them ? the energy dialogue ? is developing more intensively than the others. This creates an asymmetry in the relations between the two actors. Thus the paper sets out to find the answer to the question, ?Why are the EU ? Russian relations imbalanced?? The analysis is made within three streams: interdependence, the study of polities and the study of images. Interdependence between the EU and Russia is analysed within the framework of the theory of power and interdependence by Joseph Nye Jr. and Robert Keohane; polities are contrasted using the notions of the governance approach and images are examined through applying the study of images of Robert Jervis in the case of the EU?Russia relations. The paper comes to the conclusion, that the contradictions and ambiguities of polities and images are so big and strong, that the only link that keeps the two actors together is the interdependence link. These are effects of contiguity.

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