Connecting customers to the correct insurance through statistics and data analysis Helping insurance agents through data analytics

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Ivan Lyxzén; [2020]

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Abstract: Many companies have built platforms for analyzing user data then using this to extrapolate useful information about customer segments, this project built such a platformed aimed at helping insurance agents better understand their customers. The platform was built as part of JaycomAB’s services and was built to fit their design, both in terms of database, controller and interface. The platform handles two main features, one that matches customers to suitable insurances through a model that uses Bayesian statistics, and the second one that presents charts and graphs depicting statistics. Individual insurance agents gave feedback during the project which was adapted into expanded features before the launch. In the future even more improvements are possible such as a node network for the database. The platform can also be adapted to suit new markets such as private investments or private healthcare.

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