Augmenting High-Dimensional Data with Deep Generative Models

University essay from KTH/Robotik, perception och lärande, RPL

Abstract: Data augmentation is a technique that can be performed in various ways to improve the training of discriminative models. The recent developments in deep generative models offer new ways of augmenting existing data sets. In this thesis, a framework for augmenting annotated data sets with deep generative models is proposed together with a method for quantitatively evaluating the quality of the generated data sets. Using this framework, two data sets for pupil localization was generated with different generative models, including both well-established models and a novel model proposed for this purpose. The unique model was shown both qualitatively and quantitatively to generate the best data sets. A set of smaller experiments on standard data sets also revealed cases where this generative model could improve the performance of an existing discriminative model. The results indicate that generative models can be used to augment or replace existing data sets when training discriminative models.

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