Isolating and quantifying factors affectingbody and paint business for Volvo Cars

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Linköpings universitet/StatistikTekniska högskolan


This thesis focuses on identifying the degree of contribution of the most important factors affecting Body and Paint business of Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden. It is clear that Body and Paint business for VCCS directly depends on the number of registered accidents. Our major purpose is to determine the factors which have direct or indirect effect on reduction in the number of accidents in Sweden and to analyze in which degree they may affect the business. During the interviews with senior staff members, we discover that particularly city safety cars are mentioned by most of the specialists. Other important factors highlighted were mileage, weather, company car/ private car and age of a car.


City Safety is a technology designed to help the driver mitigate, and in certain situations avoid, collisions at low speed by automatically bracking the vehicle. The estimated claim rate frequency i.e. claims per contract rate was 50% lower for city safety equipped; then other warranty cars models without system. The study also analysis the effect of rain, mean temperature and snow on Volvo Body part sales in Stockholm Sweden. Temperature snow impacted road accidents significantly. Snow was shown to be the leading variable, as the number of accidents increases sharply with increased snowfall. Temperature is the second important variable in the list i.e. as the temperature decreases by 1ͦC the sales of body and paint business in Stockholm increases by 1.6%.


Time variable such as weekday, month, and year also plays significant role in this model. During Fridays 51% high accidents are expected then accidents occurred on Sundays.

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