State failure in a time of terror - An analytical survey on the state failure of Somalia and the implications of terrorism

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: The paper examines the state failure of Somalia, seeking to enhance the understanding of the situation and how history, as well as colonial heritage, has affected the country. By embracing the theory of state building the concept of state failure will be analysed in a quest to understand what brought Somalia to fail so miserably. It also considers the controversial link made between terrorism and failed states that grew out from the events of 9/11, questioning how the new found interest for Somalia as a potential safe haven for terrorists has implicated on the humanitarian situation. The findings are that the concept of state failure suffers from analytical errors with a lack of common consensus regarding both definition and measurements, which severely limits the ability to respond to the phenomenon. Moreover, while international actor’s remains caught up by fighting terrorism, the chronic humanitarian distress are converting into an acute one.

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