Adaptation of International Business Marketing Strategy Between Emerging Markets : Case of CCI in Turkey and Kazahkstan

University essay from Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS; Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how a multi-national company can adapt its business marketing strategy to emerging markets.

The research approach of the thesis was a case study of CCI in Turkey and Kazakhstan to see how the company can adapt it international business marketing strategy to conditions of local market.

The study was done by identifying of the current situation on the emerging markets and the company and by describing external environment and institutional factors within emerging markets. Analysis of current elements of international business marketing strategy and environmental factors that have affected it was done by applying theoretical framework to the case study. The last step was to give recomendations for the company to adapt or standart international business marketing strategy and importance of analyze external enviromental factors for the international business marketing strategy for the emerging markets. Data for the thesis was collected from primary sources through interviews and secondary data through company’s presentations and articles, internet sources.

The study showed that CCI enters each new market with standard brand portfolio tries to make adaptations of promotion and communication strategies to conductions of local market and to get external fit which will bring competitive and societal advantages for CCI on those markets where company operates. We have identified number of external environmental factors in Kazakhstan that have a certain influence on CCI’s operations. Economical situation has largely affected CCI’s operations and activities in Kazakhstan. This factor directly affects consumption level and purchasing power and behavior of local consumers. The legislation has obviously affected the company as well, resulting in local production. Cultural issues are also influenced CCI operations in Kazakhstan. That expressed through difference in consumption preferences of local consumers, which were directed aside traditional drinks.

In the end of the thesis some recommendations are given. Among the most important are – to balance between standart brand portfolio and adapt communication and distribution strategies accorging local enviromental factors; to identify which environmental factors can affect the company, which will require adjustments, and which can be influenced by the company; to effort developing personal relationship with customers, distributors, retailers in order to increase the competitive advantage and gain an increased loyalty among them.

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