Creating a service for internet connected dishwashers : A study about how new technology can improve user experience

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för hälsa, natur- och teknikvetenskap (from 2013)

Abstract: This essay treats a service design project and is about how new technology in dishwasher could create value for the end user. This new technology enables dishwasher for having an internet connection and making them act as computers, being that they can send and receive information. To evaluate the possible values that a connected dishwasher could contribute to users, information was collected in how users relates to their dishwashers. This was accomplished with the use of service design methodology and the use of tools such as interviews and observations. This resulted in the development of three persona named Lisa, Tomas and Daniel. Those personas were placed in different custom journeys, which contributed to a deeper understanding of what they are experiences when using a dishwasher in different context. After a completed user study, it was found that a smart dishwasher could make it easier for users but in different ways. This resulted in a prototype in form of an app which works as a medium between the dishwasher and the user. The concept has been co-created with users so that it is well grounded in user needs. The project was in collaboration with Asko Appliances AB, there Andreas Holmèn was the supervisor. Asko Appliances AB are located in Lidköping, where they are developing domestic dishwashers. This project was the degree project of the Bachelor of Science in Innovation and Design engineering at Karlstad University. The supervising teacher was Monica Jakobsson and examiner of the course was Professor Leo de Vin.

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