Life Is Strange a mediated game reception analysis

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Etnologi

Abstract: In this essay a mediated video game reception of the game Life Is Strange is made, with the purpose of examining the players' meaning-making processes from a gender perspective. The materials of this essay consist of videos from six different YouTube channels where each player film themselves whilst playing through Life Is Strange as a way to review and share the gaming experience. The results show how the meaning-making processes are littered with gender discourses and affects. The affects offset discourses by amplification or by revealing discord between available cultural narratives and the simulated reality of the game. Even though the game highlights themes like female-centric relationships, suicide, euthanasia, lesbianism, socio-economic circumstances, social accountability and men's violence against women, it successfully delivers highly involving, enjoyable and appreciated gameplay experience. The game is shown to provide players with a platform around which they can connect and continue to discuss, raise awareness and produce knowledge around these important topics. The fan generated culture will in turn, reach a much larger audience than the game sales numbers reflect.

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