“Bjeshkët e Nemuna”- Future Prospects for a National Park

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för teknokultur, humaniora och samhällsbyggnad


In an attempt to summarize, several aspects of promoting Bjeshket e Nemuna as an National Park are recapitulated. From the historical background of the region of BN, I would highlight the initiative taken to protect one of the most naturally inherited values in Balkans, pending due to financial constrains. Protection of cultural and natural values found in Bjeshket e Nemuna is in the interest of all Kosovar's, and so is the establishment of a Bjehsket e Nemuna as a National Park. The flora with 255 endemic species and sub-species, with 28 per cent occurring in the high mountain areas (above 1,800 a.s.l.), makes the region outstanding as the heart of the European endemism.

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