Brand Building of Born Globals

University essay from Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Abstract The purpose of this thesis was to increase the understanding of two early internationalizing firms (Born Globals) brand building efforts. By performing case studies on these companies we wished to discover similarities and differences in their marketing efforts. The companies that we studied were CTEK Sweden AB, a battery charger manufacturer and POC Sweden AB, who designs advanced protective gear for the alpine ski market. The theoretical framework was divided according to the four 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) as previous studies had shown all four factors were important in the efforts of building a strong brand. Classical marketing mix theories have been augmented with theories on brand-building as well as international marketing to give further depth to the theory section. Interviews were conducted with key people in each company, who we believed would have good insight into the strategies that these had pursued. After analyzing our empirical data, we drew the conclusion that the companies had many similar traits when it came to their brand-building efforts. The foundation for rapid brand building was laid by having an innovative product. A standardized promotion strategy was used by both companies in all target markets. The ability to disregard lucrative short-term gains in order to secure long-term benefits for the brands was also a common trait in the building of their brands. Keywords: Brand-building, Branding Strategies, Born Globals, 4Ps

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