Developing a Process to Reach Consumer Insights for TeliaSonera

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Abstract: This thesis was aimed to help TeliaSonera to work more consumer related. The purpose was to show the organization how consumer insights could be found and how valuable they are for the company. The assignment consisted of two parts, to develop a process methodology for TeliaSonera which could be used when a segment analysis is to be made in the future, and to study two specific consumer segments. Main focus was to be put on mobile Internet access.The Insights Process was designed based on literature studies, information from TeliaSonera and the consumer study. The process must help TeliaSonera to generate and verify actionable consumer insights, suit the organization and be possible to complete in one week. Via a current situation analysis and by testing methods to find perceptions and ways of conducting consumer studies, different concepts were generated, based on these a final process was established. The general idea was to utilize both in-house knowledge and consumer know-hows. The process consists of twelve steps, optional minitests and one regular follow-up session. The input should be a caught opportunity and output should be actionable insights. Through in-house studies at TeliaSonera perceptions were generated within the area mobile Internet access. These were later tested in a consumer study through a questioning in Telia stores and focus group sessions with the specific segments. The main trait from the group High Status Homeowners was control. Besides that, they requested simpler handling, they are always online, and they have a need of performance and of integrity. The main request from the group Educated Metropolitans was to simplify their everyday lives. Besides that, they have a need of control, they are cost-conscious and aware and they demand Internet access everywhere. This showed that the perceptions generated from the beginning turned out to be rather true.The process turned out to be an agile tool, which will complement the current work at TeliaSonera. Enhanced with toolbox, documentation-aid and consequence guide for each step, the process is easy to follow. There is software programming that has to be done before the process can be launched

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