Modeling of an IGBT and a Gate Unit

University essay from KTH/Elektrisk energiomvandling


The purpose of this master thesis was to create a model of an IGBT in a single

pulse test circuit and connect this model to a model of a Gate Unit. The IGBT

model and the single pulse test circuit were both implemented in MATLAB and

the Gate Unit was implemented in Simulink. The purpose of this model was

to test the actions of the gate unit, so that the initial tuning could be done

before going to the lab. Since no tests were performed in the lab, it was not

possible to see how much of the testing that could have been done by simulations.

However, the actions of the IGBT model much resembled the actions of the real

component, even though some drawbacks were clear, such as the lack of tail

current and tail voltage. These comparisons could be made between simulated

characteristics and recordings from a previous test with the same component.

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