Anomaly Detection using LSTM N. Networks and Naive Bayes Classifiers in Multi-Variate Time-Series Data from a Bolt Tightening Tool

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: In this thesis, an anomaly detection framework has been developed to aid in maintenance of tightening tools. The framework is built using LSTM networks and gaussian naive bayes  classifiers. The suitability of LSTM networks for multi-variate sensor data and time-series prediction as a basis for anomaly detection has been explored. Current literature and research is mostly concerned with uni-variate data, where LSTM based approaches have had variable but often good results. However, most real world settings with sensor networks, such as the environment and tool from which this thesis data is gathered, are multi-variable. Thus, there is a need to research the effectiveness of the LSTM model in this setting. The thesis has emphasized the need of well defined evaluation metrics of anomaly detection approaches, the difficulties of defining anomalies and anomaly datasets, as well as illustrated the effectiveness of LSTM networks in multi-variate environments. 

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