University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: The implementation of internal contracts in three elderly care facilities in the southwest coastof Sweden has been proven to achieve multiple benefits over the past years. Previous researchabout the success of different facilities have focused on internal contracts and its benefits,however, there was a lack of research addressing the multiple factors that could be influencingthose results. This research proposes a definition of an organizational structure that explainsthe success of the facilities, and how that success is conceptualized. For that purpose theauthors interviewed a total of ten employees in different positions from the three elderly carefacilities that applied internal contracts and analyzed their answers focusing on theirperception of the communication, leadership, and organization of their workplace. The resultsindicated that internal contracts were not the only factor involved in the success andengagement achieved, but that the responsible components was a combination of internalcontracts, an organizational model based on division of labor and a leadership style focusedon delegating leaders with knowledge of group development processes. Furthermore, theauthors found that this combination of factors together, explained better the positive effects inthe employees then every factor by itself. The research finally resulted in the development ofthe Colombo-Izquierdo Organizational Model, useful for the future implementation andreplication of the success and achievements of the elderly care facilities studied in otherenvironments.

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