Feasibility of port from Android to Blackberry

University essay from Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Abstract: The mBlox Device Software, MDS, is a library that developers integrate into their applications to expose an API on the internet to access resources on a mobile device, such as an Android smart-phone. This report discusses the possibility to port the existing implementation of the mBlox Device Service from the Android Platform to the Blackberry Platform. In the time that was given a very much working version of the MDS was implemented, though it is not fully tested a lot of the functionality do work, at least when all parameters are correct. This is what a proof of concept solution is all about. The conclusion is that since both platforms are using Java for their applications a port of an application without a user interface is fairly easy, and because both platforms support multitasking the design can stay roughly the same. The main difference for applications or libraries without an UI, like the MDS, is the differences between Java Micro Edition and Java Standard Edition. However if an application does have an UI the differences are more noticeable, a developer should follow the UI guidelines for the particular platform and they are different on both platforms. All the goals that were set up was fulfilled.

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