Evaluation of FIWARE’s Business API Ecosystem

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The modern society is getting more and more digitalized and the concept Internet of Things is growing. The data being collected and digital services require a place to be accessed and sold, thus setting the demand for a new kind of marketplace; an online IoT focused marketplace. The large EU supported open source platform for Smart Solutions, FIWARE, has created such a marketplace, namely the Business API Ecosystem (BAE). This paper aims to evaluate and review the BAE, giving a quality evaluation as well as comparing it to contemporary alternatives. This will help interested parties to make an educated decision when choosing an IoT marketplace. The evaluation was done with a hands-on approach where the BAE was explored. The program was looked at from the perspective of both the administrator and the users. It was installed, configured, tested and exploratory used. A custom front-end was created to investigate its modifiability and the usability of its APIs. Performance testing of the APIs was also done. The results of the evaluation shows that the Business API Ecosystem is a viable option for an IoT marketplace of high quality. However, it is a relatively young and small project that which, without the use of plugins and other software, lacks some much wanted IoT related functionality.

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