Impact of Customer Analytics Use on CRM : Role of Analytics's culture, Information quality, and customer orientation

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan (from 2013)

Abstract: The present research work is an exploratory study that aims to investigate the impact of Big Data Customer Analytics Use (BDCAUse) in customer relationship management (CRM) by providing a comprehensive overview of the main factors that can affect BDCAUse in the organizations andhow this use affects the information quality. The influence of BDCAUse could bring benefits and increase the competitive advantage for the companies. More precisely, this study analysed if customer orientation and big data analytics culture would improve the use of big data customer analytics in the organization, and if this would, in turn, enhance the quality of the information, thus the customer knowledge, get into more insights about the customer behaviour and answer the right needs of its customers. Using an online survey, respondents from different business units in different organizations and companies were invited to participate. The author received 20 responses of which 18 were considered valid. The data was analysed using the SPSS tool and SmartPLS to analyse the consistency of the measures used and to test the suggested research model.  The results show that customer orientation and big data analytics culture are key to influence the use of big data customer analytics to be able to gather information quality and improve the CRM performance in the organization. The main limitations of the research work consisted of collecting data with a relatively very small sample, although these were designed as an exploratory study to test first identified factors that could affect big data customer analytics use. A recommendation for future research would be to run the study with a larger sample size to analyse the research model and check again the reliability of the measures and the validity of the results. Keywords: Big Data Customer Analytics Use, Customer Orientation, Big Data Analytics Culture, Information Quality, Customer Relationship Management Performance

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