Value co-creation via smartphone applications

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Avdelningen för företagsekonomi


The purpose of this thesis is to describe how value propositions can be seen as an operant resource in a wireless environment, for service providers’ opportunity to co-create value with their customers. To see how a service provider offer service in a wireless environment interviews have been conducted at Westra Wermlands Sparbank with the focus on service offered through a smartphone application. The findings in the empirical study was that the service provider does not have the opportunity to actively instruct its customers in a wireless environment since the majority of the customers get the smartphone application on their own without processing from the service provider. What the service provider therefore can do is to integrate its instructions into the smartphone application so it is easy to understand and to show the customers what possibilities they have when using it. Thereby the offered value proposition can be seen as an operant resource in a wireless environment. Moreover, the service provider gets the opportunity to co-create value with its customers.

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