Developing a Portable System for Medicine Dosage

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: The project presented in this report is set out to develop a portable electronic system to be used as a medicine pill container. With the functionality to configure up to twelve daily repeated alarms, the purpose of the medicine dosage system is first and foremost to remind the user when they should take their medicine. Secondly, LED lights and user-recorded voice notifications are to be implemented to further aid the user in taking the right medicine each time. The device is also to have a memory log, recording up to one hundred missed dosages, enabling an authorized medicine professional to verify the medicine adherence of the user.Prior to the start of the project, an outline for the functionality and physical appearance of the device was set by the project owner, Victrix AB. This project covers the hardware and software development, as well as the design choices within. The aim is to follow the proposed functionality specification as close as possible, while making justified hardware and software choices considering simplicity, efficiency, power consumption, and availability. By following the specification, the goal is ultimately to increase the medicine adherence for users of the device developed with this thesis.Using qualitative research methods, a valid background study was created, preceding the development of the medicine dosage system. Hardware for a first prototype of the device was then chosen based on the gathered information about existing technologies and related work. With thorough testing and recurrent information exchange with the client, a prototype of the medicine dosage system, based on an Arduino microcontroller, was constructed. The prototype was evaluated to fulfill 92% of the requirements considered as high priority by Victrix.

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