DEVA : Treating Chroinic Leg Ulcers

University essay from Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Author: Birnur Sahin; [2020]

Keywords: design; concept; coloplast; leg ulcers;

Abstract: An ulcer is an open wound that remains unhealed even after weeks of treatment. These types of wounds require a long process of treatment due to other underlying health problems. Having an unhealing, painful and often infected wound decreases patients’ life quality significantly. The treatment includes using wound dressing applied by nurses, to protect the wound from infections, collect exudate and provide a closed and sterile environment. During a treatment, which could last for months, patients experience a lot of emotional and physical challenges. Deva is a design concept proposing the use of smart sensors in wound care treatment in a way that it will improve the communication between patients and nurses, by providing information and guidance. The ecosystem consists of a smart wound patch that will turn any wound dressing today into a “smart” one, an electrostimulation therapy sock and digital platforms where the information will be available. This way information on the wound status will be available for the patient, their family members or caregivers and the nurses.This project has been developed by interviewing nurses and wound care professionals from Turkey, Sweden and Denmark. The insights reflect the situation and the healthcare system in these countries and a wound care treatment journey might differ in other settings.

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