Regional Productivity and Import Accessibility : Investigating the effect of imported goods on labour productivity levels at the municipal level

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Nationalekonomi



The purpose of this thesis is to estimate if imports of goods at the municipal level have an effect on labour productivity. The theoretical framework used in the thesis is based on the concept of accessibility, city growth in connection to imports, networks and nodes, clusters and economies of scale. Seven independent variables were chosen for the regression, three import accessibility variables to estimate if there is a connection between imports and productivity and Technology Gap, Population Density, Distance to Stockholm and Time. The regression model itself is built on the regression model in Fingleton (2001) but reformulated in this master thesis. Due to high collinearity between the accessibility variables they were added together to measure total accessibility. Regression results showed significant t-statistics for all variables included confirming that there is a relationship between imports of goods and labour productivity.



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