Application of LabVIEW and myRIO to voice controlled home automation

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System; Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System

Abstract: The aim of this project is to use NI myRIO and LabVIEW for voice controlled home automation. The NI myRIO is an embedded device which has a Xilinx FPGA and a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9processor as well as analog input/output and digital input/output, and is programmed with theLabVIEW, a graphical programming language. The voice control is implemented in two differentsystems. The first system is based on an Amazon Echo Dot for voice recognition, which is acommercial smart speaker developed by Amazon Lab126. The Echo Dot devices are connectedvia the Internet to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service known as Alexa(developed by Amazon), which is capable of voice interaction, music playback, and controllingsmart devices for home automation. This system in the present thesis project is more focusingon myRIO used for the wireless control of smart home devices, where smart lamps, sensors,speakers and a LCD-display was implemented. The other system is more focusing on myRIO for speech recognition and was built on myRIOwith a microphone connected. The speech recognition was implemented using mel frequencycepstral coefficients and dynamic time warping. A few commands could be recognized, includinga wake word ”Bosse” as well as other four commands for controlling the colors of a smart lamp. The thesis project is shown to be successful, having demonstrated that the implementation ofhome automation using the NI myRIO with two voice-controlled systems can correctly controlhome devices such as smart lamps, sensors, speakers and a LCD-display.

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