Navigating to real life objects in indoor environments using an Augmented Reality headset

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Maximilian Bågling; [2017]

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Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) headmounts are an rising technology with great chances to be a common gadget used by a lot of people in the near future. With the rise of this technology, new possibilities opens up on how to combine the interaction of the real world together with the virtual world. This thesis meets some of these upcoming interaction questions in terms of indoor navigation. The thesis introduces an approach for designing and implementing an AR-based system that is able to let users navigate around an indoor environment to find various real life objects while using an Augmented Reality headmount. The thesis also discusses how to personalize the navigation to different users in different environments. A proof-of concept was implemented and evaluated with several users inside different indoor environments, e.g., a real food store, where the results showed that users were more effective finding objects while using the AR-based system, compared to when not using the AR-basedsystem.

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