A Case Study of  Semi-Automatic Parallelization of  Divide and Conquer Algorithms Using Invasive Interactive Parallelization

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Erik Hansson; [2009]

Keywords: parallelization; IIP; ISC; HPC; OpenMP; MPI;

Abstract: Since computers supporting parallel execution have become more and more common the last years, especially on the consumer market,  the need for methods and tools for parallelizing existing sequential programs has highly increased. Today there exist different methods of achieving this, in a more or less user friendly way. We have looked at one method, Invasive Interactive Parallelization (IIP), on a special problem area, divide and conquer algorithms, and performed a case study. This case study shows that by using IIP, sequential programs can be parallelized both for shared and distributed memory machines. We have focused on parallelizing Quick Sort for OpenMP and MPI environment using a tool, Reuseware, which is based on the concepts of Invasive Software Composition.

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