Synchronization and data merging between iOS, server and database : Solution for setup of synchronized offline capable crud functionality between iOS client and server

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap (DV)

Abstract: Mobile applications is a rapidly growing market, and offers the opportunity for companies to vastly improve their productivity simply by being able to work anywhere. The enterprise industry does not always have the same requirements for a product as the personal market has. In this report, the idea is to building a solution that takes these requirements in to consideration in order to create a starting point for a more sustainable solution. A solution that is self-hosted in order to keep data away from third-parties, supports offline capabilities to make sure the productivity does not get interrupted, an implementation for handling data merging as to not get any data corruption while also being reusable in different situations to make it as cost and time efficient as possible. These problems are of out most importance to solve to make the solution work in real life. To solve this, research around the subject and different ways to approach the problems was conducted, including different technologies, frameworks and architectures. Based on those results, a complete working solution was implemented. This proved that the above problems could be solved, with some limitations, by an open-sourced solution. That will keep data away from big third-party solutions, without having to lose productivity.

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