Metadata implementation through the Digital Mock-Up

University essay from KTH/Flygdynamik

Author: Cochard Quentin; [2017]

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Abstract: Airbus is one of the two leaders in commercial aircraft manufacturing. This field of production is the biggest in amount of parts to design, products and assemblies. Moreover, as nowadays computing has become the fastest way to work, not only it has surrounded the current work places physically but also digitally speaking. In fact, the big issue of all companies and in particular Airbus, is to manage the flow of data provided by the different engineering teams like design, simulations, testing or production. Currently, the management of this Metadata is poorly developed and it creates loss of time andfrustration when the time has come to find it. To counteract to this growing concern, the Airbus solution project can be resumed by one sentence : "Configuerd Digital Mock-Up as master". It aims at gathering all the data from the different engineering teams and to provide an intuitive way to exploit them through the DMU. In the case of my study, I had to work on one aspect of this big project. I discovered the Airbus way of working and supported several projects to improve the cDMU (configuered Digital Mock-Up) as Master.

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