Agile Implementation on Department Level - A Case Study of a Large Organization

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: As established organizations are trying to combat the fast-moving and turbulent businessenvironment and remain competitive, they are becoming aware of the importance to becomemore flexible and adaptive to changes. Firms have started to realize that a way to achieve thisis through the implementation of agile methods. As a consequence, manufacturers of physicalproducts operating in traditional industries have been found to implement agile methods withincertain departments and throughout the organization. Current research, however, is limited inthe field of how to achieve agility on a department level and the impact that contexts associatedwith different departments may have on an agile implementation. The aim of this thesis is thusto provide insight regarding how to foster agile initiatives on a department level in a largeorganization. In order to reach this aim, a qualitative study conducted from a managerialperspective with thirteen semi-structured interviews was conducted. The findings show thatdifferent levels of agile maturity as well as different prerequisites to apply agile due to thecontexts within departments seem to influence what challenges and facilitators that appearwhen implementing agile methods. Eight main challenges were identified within departmentswhich could be divided into sub-challenges. Further, six main facilitators were identified withindepartments which could also be divided into sub-facilitators. Furthermore, these did notappear to be uniform across departments but rather seemed to depend on different levels ofmaturity and the context of departments. Some challenges and facilitators also appeared to beconnected to the larger organizational context. Hence, the study shows that there is a need tolook into the specific departmental context as well as the organization at large to further fosteran agile implementation on department level.

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