Brand Launching and Sustainingin a developing country : The case study of Honda on Vietnam Motorcycle Market

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hållbar samhälls- och teknikutveckling; Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hållbar samhälls- och teknikutveckling




Date May 29th, 2009

Course Master Thesis EFO705, International Marketing

Tutor Daniel Tolstoy

Authors Thi Bich Ngoc Nguyen

Thi Xuan Thu Nguyen


Brand Launching and Sustaining in a Developing Country


The project is to investigate the Brand Launching and Sustaining in a

The Case Study of Honda on Vietnam Motorcycle Market

developing country through the study on how Honda has successfully

launched and sustained its Brand on the Motorcycle Market of Vietnam.


Honda's Brand Launching campaign and the company's strategies and

initiatives to Sustain its Brand on the Motorcycle Market of Vietnam.


The realistic approach and case study method are to be applied. The

information should be gathered through numerous sources: primary data

from the email qualitative interviews with the managers of Honda

Motorcycle Vietnam, and the email quantitative surveys among Vietnam's

Honda Motorcycle users; secondary data from the articles in a variety of

newspapers and magazines as well as websites.

Conceptual Model

The contents covered in the project are Brand Launching and Sustaining.

In particular, theories related to Brand Launching in terms of Brand

Identity and Brand Positioning, as well as Brand Sustaining with respects

to Brand Growth and Brand Maturity should be investigated and analysed.

In addition, what is of significance importance is the base of the

company's Branding Strategies -the business environment of the

destination country. Therefore, the disseration should thoroughly

investigate the Grasp of the Market including Market Assessment

(Government Policies, Demand Conditions and Market Opportunities) and

Communications (Marketing and PR Activities and Social Corporate

Responsibility) which serve as the foundation for the firm's market-based

or fully tailored Branding Strategies to the specific conditions or

characteristics of the destination nation.


Honda has adopted appropriate Branding Strategies (Brand Identity,

Positioning, Growing and Sustaining) on Vietnam Motorcycle Market.

The firm has identified its Brand as true Made-in-Japan products of high

quality and reasonable price. It serves as 'the power of dreams' created in

an ideal corporate culture and environment friendly working condition

which is committed to advanced technology and society orientation.

Honda Brand has been positioned to satisfy the needs for a transportation

means of reliability, long duration, safety, hi-tech, fuel saving and

environment protection of the middle and high class customer groups in

Vietnam. To compete with such rivals as Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM and

Piaggio, Honda has adopted proper Growing Strategies with Cub and

Scooter categories including a range of product lines. In addition, the

company has implemented appropriate Sustaining Strategies focusing on

Communication Efforts and Influencer Proximity with a variety of

Marketing and PR activities, Safety Driving Plan and Social Activities

ranging from Environmental Preservation, Educational Development,

Safety Driving Support Activities to Donation and Charity Activities.

Actually, Honda's Branding strategies have been fully tailored to the

specific market conditions of Vietnam.


Honda has gained the leading position on Vietnam Motorcycle Market

since 1996 when the company penetrated into the country. Honda Brand

has received great love from Vietnamese customers and become more than

a Brand, but a citizen of Vietnam who 'strives to become a company that

the society wants to exist'.


Honda Brand success should only be maintained when the firm is

managed to constantly strengthen Honda Brand itself as well as identify

and fix the shortcomings: keep serving as a good Vietnamese citizen, be

consistent with the company's reasonable pricing strategy, improve the

firm's customer relationships and pay more attention to the counterfeit

brand defense.


Honda's great achievements in Vietnam offer valuable lessons for the

firms who desire to successfully brand in Vietnam in particular and

developing countries in general: Concerning Brand Launching (Brand

Identity and Positioning), the company should invest in Marketing and PR

activities, adopt Reasonable Price and Localization strategies, pay

attention to Customer Relationship, Influencer Proximity and Corporate

Social Responsibility to become a good citizen of the market country.

Regarding Brand Sustaining (Brand Growth and Maturity), the firm

should take advantages of brand extension and line extension, maintain the

Launching Strategies and simultaneously Bring Added Values and

Recreate a Perceived Difference for its brands, Actively and dynamically

involving itself in the Competition and also adopting Dual Management.

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