Comparing the databases MSSQL and MongoDB for the web-based environment Ozlab

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för matematik och datavetenskap

Author: Anthony Nokrach; [2018]

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Abstract: The debate over whether software system should use a NoSQL or a SQL database, have been going on for a long time, however there are still not that many studies defining which of the two databases that is the preferable one. This essay presents a comparative analysis of the databases MSSQL and MongoDB for the web-based environment Ozlab.  Ozlab allows users and developers to experiment with graphical user interfaces to obtain acceptable design solutions. We compared MSSQL and MongoDB based on the basic CRUD operations on both the databases, evaluating their performance and sustainability with respect to the Ozlab environment. This analysis was based on existing research experiments and my own experience using the MongoDB and MSSQL databases. As a conclusion, our result show that MSSQL is the most suitable database for the Ozlab environment. 

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