The Governance of Climate Adaptation in Sweden at Multiple -scales and -levels: A Case-Study on the Actors and Political Influence on Climate Adaptation in the Regions Surrounding Vänern and Göta Älv

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Abstract: This case study analyses the public multi –scale and –level governance of climate adaptation in the regions surrounding Vänern and Göta Älv in Sweden. It’s done in a governmental context and analyses how political priorities at different –scales and –levels affect adaptation processes. The study shows that governance challenges are present within as well as across different scales and levels, in relation to which political priorities influences all analyzed actors. This is true from long-term planning processes to the harmonization of actors and the structures that govern them. The thesis outlines the landscape of public actors and their level of involvement in adaptation processes connected to the regions. Additionally, it shows the importance of mutual understanding, a sense of responsibility and knowledge, where the means available to adapt are vital.

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