Facilitating Improvisation

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Author: Antti Lähdesmäki; [2020-10-29]

Keywords: Intuition; Improvisation; Facilitation; Experience;

Abstract: The artistic process I have gone through has led to me finding a method called Facilitating improvisation. My goal is to create circumstances and structures, which readily suggest the musicians and listeners to take a phenomenological approach to listening to my music and facilitate for intuitive playing and improvising, leading to an interpretation that also is meaningful regarding my compositional aesthetics. The wished outcome is increased amount of emotional content in my music, which again leads to increased amount of emotions conveyed to- and elicited in the listener, strengthening the listener’s experience of my music. The main outcome of the process is artistic; recordings of three concerts are attached. I introduce some philosophical and aesthetic concepts, such as phenomenology and wabi-sabi in order to communicate and exemplify the artistic decisions made and reasons thereof within the process, which generally has followed the principles of artistic research. The hoped result is intelligible examples of artistic reflection, which one can apply to one’s own process. Concrete findings from my process are also presented.

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