A First Step Toward Green Wireline Broadband : A tool for systematic measurement of Digital Subscriber Line parameters as input to dynamic power optimization algorithms

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Author: Eric Svensson; [2011]

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Abstract: This project aims to lower the power consumption of broadband networks by developing software algorithms that continuously and automatically configures their equipment to achieve this goal. The primary motivation is that this decreases both the environmental impact of the networks and the operators' expenditures. To appreciate the difficulties in performing this task, broadband networks in general must first be understood. Thereafter Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks and their equipment are investigated, relevant configuration parameters of these described, methods of analyzing these parameters developed, and lastly algorithms that may lead to power savings are proposed. Progress is mainly made within the investigation of the configuration parameters of the equipment and whether they can be used to lower its power consumption. A tool is developed that significantly simplifies both the process of finding relationships between parameters and power consumption, and implementing algorithms that control the device. The methods that are proposed could in theory be applied to reach the goals of the project. The requirements for reaching the aforementioned goals are met with no less knowledge and experience than those acquired in studying for a Master of Science. These include a keen skill for problem solving, quick apprehension, rationality, and both general and specialized scientific knowledge.

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