University essay from Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Abstract: IKEA is today using HP’s application lifecycle testing environment which consists of several tools. One of the tools is Performance Center which is used to schedule and run performance tests. When a test run is finished, the tester uses LoadRunner Analysis which is another tool in HP’s testing environment. This tool is used to visualize a test run in graphs. These graphs are used by the tester to manually write a static report which is sent to the stakeholders. The creation of graphs and test reports can be very time consuming and easing this process would most likely result in a higher quality of testing and therefore also result in better deliverables. This was the objective of this thesis work and was accomplished by creating a system that could replace the analysis tool with Splunk, a log analyzing tool that can manage several large amounts and different types of data. The program that was developed during this thesis work is called LoadSplunker and integrates Performance Center and Splunk. LoadSplunker is a real time java system that is informed when a test run in Performance Center is finished and automatically retrieves results from the test run needed for an analysis. The test results are then uploaded into Splunk where different views of the test results can be created and modified.

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