Detecting and resolving work-space conges-tions and time-space conflicts through 4D - Modeling in the Micro level

University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


This degree project aims to find solutions to prevent construction process from delay by detecting and resolving work-space congestions and time-space conflicts based on 4D-modeling.

The purpose is to improve the work efficiency on the construction site of a hospital project. Through a software experiment, the proposed solutions will be tested to see if the conflicts on the construction site can be resolved or minimized. This is achieved by following the construction phase of the NKS project from Skanska AB. The largest hospital project in Sweden.

The theoretical framework focuses on the concepts of 4D, work-space congestions, time-space conflicts, lean construction, last planner system, project organization as well as reviewing a variety of literature regarding how to resolve the conflicts during the construction process. The useful data and information have been gathered through semi-structured interviews with project managers and workforce. The obser-vations have been done on-site. Followed by 4D software experiment, by associating the tasks to the different areas through LBS with the time constraint data, the effi-ciency of work based on the quantity takeoff can be evaluated and thus it allows pro-ject managers to foresee the potential conflicts easily. Eventually, applying 4D - modeling helps the planners visualize the inefficiencies in the schedule and thus re-schedule the tasks before they lead to delays.

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