Tidsstudie : grovfoderhantering

University essay from SLU/Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Author: Linus Elvertsson; [2004]

Keywords: foder; hantering; mjölkproduktion;

Abstract: Since feeding fodder crops to dairy cows is a heavy and time-consuming but often disregarded line of work, this study wishes to view the different possibilities that are currently available to decrease the time to feed and apply this knowledge on an existing farm. For this purpose, four farms have been studied due to what feeding systems that are currently used and how long time the feeding required. The occurring systems are either mobile, i.e. a feed mixer operated by a tractor witch feeds the cattle via a drivable fodder table, or a stationery mixer, i.e. an electrically powered mixer which fills an automatic feeder. The previously described systems also appear integrated with each other. Several different feeding systems have been discussed to try to find a suitable one for the farm were a new system is required. The aim of this study is that with the new system, feeding should take not more than one hour and that this time should be concentrated to one period of time per day. The conclusion is that a stationary system with a computer controlled and rail carried mixer fulfils the two goals under the condition that a new cattle shed for the heifers are built nearby the existing cowshed, which is planned.

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