Commons Across Slovak Countryside

University essay from Umeå universitet/Arkitekthögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Author: Terezia Stevuliakova; [2017]

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Abstract: Culture houses in Slovak villages, remnats of the former Soviet Union and other countries of Eastern Bloc, provides spaces for events and meetings that bring people together. 2 The project aims to explore how culture and spaces for it can ground other developing projects in a particular physical, social and historical context and enable users to become active in the present transformation of place and to mediate more diverse life in rural areas. The project emerges from issues of recent extremism across different scales, a loss of identity, social isolation, lack of interest in what is common, followed by lack of action and care. I want to raise a question what our culture and customs are, whether they are still eligible in all its forms and if not, how it could be subverted collectively. The project aims to create spaces that can accommodate these events of exchange and sharing and where objects enabling conversations can be exhibited. By creating memories and attachment our relations and communities sustain. Based on the idea of trust and active involvement, I see a potential to challenge the image of rural areas in the minds of its inhabitants. The perspective of the collective and the individual in narratives, mappings together with a brief history and statistical values forms a base for interpreting different attitudes towards culture and the commons. The exhibited objects touch on issues of traditions, consumerism, male dominance, control, time and value working further on the aspects of culture, memory and change. The thesis is not after preserving the salvage paradigm which concentrates on the adjudication of authenticity in cultural revivals but instead, it examines themes and quesions which might be of interest and use to people living in the village and area nowadays.

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