Poetic Justice : an outcome in which vice is punished and virtue rewarded, usually in a manner peculiarly or ironically appropriate

University essay from Konstfack/Ädellab

Abstract: An emergency is a speeded-up emergence, a state of change that accelerates beyond the control of the system in which it takes place and results in either death or necessary development, for an establishment of a new rhythm.     This work is an investigation on the limits and possibilities of contemporary corpus practices. My aim for it is to be reflective of my own ambivalence towards the field in which my silversmithing practice is situated, and to promote the urgency of collaborative craft, in traditional as well as contemporary contexts. This investigation has resulted in the collaborative corpus project Poetic Justice, together with Klara Brydewall Sandquist, promoting two separate feminist agendas, in order to elevate them both and underline their entanglement. One being to manifest and justify women’s anger, and the other to oppose the cult of the individual genius and suggest alternate possibilities in relation to historical corpus in the contemporary field of craft. It is also a way for us to highlight the urgency of supporting, elevating and celebrating each other’s practices and purposes, through a closely intertwined way of working that investigates where objects begin and end, in space as well as in time.

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