Help Yourself and God Will Help You

University essay from Lunds universitet/LUMID International Master programme in applied International Development and Management

Abstract: This research presents a case study assessing community social capital and potential leadership amongst farmers in the village Blat, South Lebanon and it was conducted in November 2010. The social capital was approached from the network aspect with the use of social network analysis (SNA) and it was assessed with the network closure and the structural holes concepts, conflict resolution mechanisms and willingness to monitor and report on a rule breaking. In addition, central farmers, based on multiple network centrality measures, were identified, revealing the potential community leader(s) and the most suitable farmer(s) for the capacity building abroad. The assessment of the communal social capital and identification of the central farmers shows following results. Firstly, support network results indicate that the network is non-existent outside farmers’ closest families, hence there is no bridging social capital between farmers. Secondly, knowledge network reflects both bridging and bonding social capital and has positive implications for the NRM. Thirdly, monitoring and conflict resolution norms are not strong in the farmers’ community, potentially hindering the NRM. And finally, identification of the most central farmers revealed that different selection of the farmers could be done by the project implementers.

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