Transformation in the Era of Digitization : A study of organizations implementing digital transformation projects with integrated project management and change management

University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi; Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

Abstract: Digital Transformation (DT), being the latest trend for business transformation and organizational change, synchronizes business processes and integrates information technology leading to operational efficiency and innovation which contributes to overall business strategy. However, aligning technology and processes with people within the organization and the customers remains a challenge. Studies have concluded that the main focus of implementation towards the technical aspect rather than human aspect of the project brings to failure. Thus, it leads to the necessity of integration project management and change management practices to develop holistic approach and the aim for this research to answer the question: How can project management and change management be integrated and facilitate the implementation of digital transformation projects? In order to fill in the research gap on integrated PM and CM and also DT project implementation, the researchers embarked on a qualitative study, explored the literature and conducted semi-structured interviews with five organizations implementing DT project. It included project managers and business analysts from digital services consulting firms and multinational companies. Using thematic analysis, the researchers developed an integrated PM and CM framework that will help facilitate the implementation of DT projects. It can serve as a guideline for coordination and managing both technological and human side of the project during digital project delivery or implementation. In answering the research question, the study recommends four creative ways to integrate PM and CM as inspired by the developed framework. First, integrate the principles, processes, tools & techniques of PM and CM into a holistic approach at certain phases of the DT project lifecycle to achieve the DT deliverables, thus balancing the technical and human aspect of the project. Second, focus PM and CM methodologies and techniques that have emphasis towards promoting customer centric approach or creating value towards end users of the software such as the Agile Methodology. Third, create a smart tool or software that automatically captures both the PM and CM tools, such gantt chart and project communication updates that can be easily shared online to the rest of the stakeholders. And finally, include CM to PM’s knowledge area and PMO’s creation of CM owner or team to facilitate the implementation of DT project. 

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