Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System : Identification, Privacy and Security

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap; Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap


This master thesis is to highlight the importance of what needs to be identified in the CVIS system, how this could be done, how different techniques affect privacy and security and how the privacy and security mechanisms can be improved for the whole system. The report starts with a background of ERTICO – ITS Europe, followed by a description of how the CVIS project is organized, how the CVIS system will work, and a presentation of privacy, security and identification, both in general and in CVIS. After this follows the analysis and the report is finally wrapped up with conclusions and recommendations.

Why this is an important topic to highlight and discuss and the reason being for this master thesis, is because there is a clear need within the CVIS consortium to harmonise these topics. As it is today, different persons and different sub-projects have different views and opinions on what needs to be identified for example. This needs to be harmonised in order for everyone to know what is being developed, but also, and much more importantly, to in the end get acceptance for the CVIS system. If people do not feel they can trust the system, if they feel it is not secure or that it violates their privacy, they will not use it, even if it has been proved the technique works.

The key question discussed in the report is what needs to be identified. This is the most important question to solve. There must be very good reasons and consensus why a certain entity is to be identified, otherwise identification of that entity will always be questioned. This also links very tightly with privacy.

The objective of this master thesis is to bring forward this critical question about identification, to highlight different reasons for identifying or not identifying different entities and to get the discussion started.

Finally, the main conclusions and recommendations on what to actually identify is the vehicle and the different parts in the central sub-system. The best technique would be by using single sign on with a very strong encryption, for example random numbers, that will be handle by a new node Identification Management Centre or that it will be a part of the Host Management Centre. To ensure privacy in the system, the single sign on mechanism should be combined with the approach of using pseudonyms when communicating in the CVIS system.

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