Entrepreneurship and the perceptions of Capabilities : A comparative study of the Resource Based View between India and Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Centrum för öst- och sydöstasienstudier

Abstract: Entrepreneurship within Information and Communications Technology as a research area has been greatly researched in terms of access to society. Two examples are governance and accessibility. However, little research has been conducted about the perceptions of starting an enterprise within two different countries and how regulatory institutions influence entrepreneurs. This thesis aims for an understanding of how the regulatory frameworks in India and Sweden affect the capability to use the four resources as theorised in the Resource Based View (Human Resources, Technological Resources, Financial Resources and Organizational Resources). How do entrepreneurs perceive this framework and how do the perceptions affect the capabilities to use the resources in the RBV? Critical realism as an ontological approach and phenomenology as an epistemological approach were used. The results indicate a wider access to venture capital as-well as stronger focus on employees in India than in Sweden as a central discourse to achieve competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs in India have a more aggressive approach towards business compared to Sweden. The conclusions are that the capabilities to use the resources as theorised in the RBV are better in India than in Sweden due to better adaptability in India.

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