Something 3D

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Observationell astrofysik

Author: Vlad Rastau; [2020]

Keywords: 3D; AGB stars; planetary nebulae;

Abstract: Modelling stellar structures and comparing them with observationsis a very important step when it comes to verifying our theories aboutstellar evolution. Three-dimensional reconstruction is therefore impor-tant and in the case of certain stellar types it makes for a large portionof the ongoing research.For this project, three dierent objects and their three-dimensionalmodels were selected for 3D-printing. The systems in question areEta Carinae, 1 Gruis and HD 101584 and the reason behind thischoice is the fact that each object showcases a dierent phase and/orprocess of stellar evolution approaching or during the planetary nebula(PN) stage. On top of that, these objects have been observed using atechnique that allows us to deduce their 3D structure.The three-dimensional models and prints allow us to nd features(such as axial symmetries) that give us more information about themovements inside the system and their consequences on how the stellarstructure has and will evolve.

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