Innovation strategies and ambidexterity within flat organizations : The case study of Alfa Laval

University essay from KTH/Entreprenörskap och Innovation

Author: Stavros Koukis; Ioannis Koulioumpas; [2015]

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Abstract: The progress of technology forces companies and organizations to alter their structure and operational procedures in order to stay alive, adapt to current incumbents and gain competitive advantage within their target markets. One of the major key concepts for this procedure is innovation. This was, and still is a timeless and demanding issue along with its consequences; how companies can achieve innovation and seize all benefits given. Innovation has many "faces", methods and models from which it can be approached. This thesis will analyze the basic strategies and types of innovation as well as their outcomes. To strengthen our investigations on the matter Alfa Laval was selected as the study case of this thesis, a company that has successfully been the leader in separation market for more than one century

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