Erfarenheter av några utfodringssystem till får

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Author: Karin Jönsson; [2004]

Keywords: får; foder; foderbord; hygien; hälsa;

Abstract: The evaluation of the function of the feeding of sheep herds is suggested to involve the work effort, the fulfilment of the nutrient needs of the sheep and the feed waste. Mechanisation of the feeding can be very simple or include high degrees of mechanisation. Three different farms, representing different levels of mechanisation are presented. Descriptions and analysis of the feeding systems including mechanisation, work effort and estimations of the feed waste are made on each farm. The herd with the most advanced feed mechanisation included a rolling feed band and mix wagon. The other farms were partly or little mechanised including ad lib feeding from big bales and manual distribution of hay and concentrates. The most mechanised farm was able to feed a large herd of sheep at a low work effort and little feed waste. However, the investment in machinery has to be weighed against the improved efficiency. In the case of ad libitum feeding of silage bales, the small work effort has to be weighed against the feed waste. The farms with the least degree of mechanisation, the low roof height of the sheep barn severely limited the possibilities of further mechanisation and expansion of the herd and a large work effort was needed.

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