Automatic Belt Tension Device

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: In this master’s thesis, the development of a new belt tensioning solution, for use in ASSA ABLOY's sliding doors is treated. As a starting point for the work, ASSA ABLOY’s current belt tension solution has been used as a reference. On this reference, an extensive problem analysis have been carried out, including interviews, field studies and laboratory tests in order to understand what is required of a final solution. The problem analysis both resulted in actual problems to be solved, but also produced various requirements and recommendations to take into account in the development process. Together with a literature study, these were the basis for concept generation to find different ways to solve the identified problems. The generated concepts have been partly evaluated qualitatively together with employees at ASSA ABLOY and partly against the requirements and recommendations, which has resulted in a selection of concepts that have been further developed. The selected concepts have been divided into categories of short, medium-long and long term, depending on how early an implementation of the concept have been estimated to be. Among these concepts, one concept was chosen from the medium-long perspective to further develop. The concept uses an eccentric wheel to generate the belt tension and a spring to indicate the installation tension. A test was conducted to achieve Proof of Concept for the tensioning method. The result from the test was positive and led to the creation of a 3D-prototype. Finally, concepts were suggested that were considered to have potential for further development, and what benefits they would entail.

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