Does religious faith have different impact on women and mens attitudes towards abortion?

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för socialt arbete och psykologi

Author: Musie Hailu; [2017]

Keywords: Abortion;

Abstract: The publics attitudes towards abortion have been of great interest since the womens liberation movement began in the late 1960s (Hess & Rueb ,2015). Several studeis have shown that religious affliation has a special influence towards abortion. Controversy over the legal status of abortion has been an importnat feature of poltics over the world. This study has administrated a 17-item abortion attitude survey, to determine potential factors correlated with abortion. several factors such as religiosity, ones definition as to when life begins have been the measurments of abortion attitudes. The main purpose of the survey was to investigate the attitude of religious and non-religious Ethiopian immigrants towards abortion. The svrvey was conducted through questionnaries. The total participants were 40 men and women. The respondents for this survey were chosen from the Ethiopian community in stockholm. The result of the study has shown firstly, there was no attitude difference between women and men towrds abortion. Secondly, the result has shown that most of religious people were against the practice of abortion and finally, the survey has revealed that there was no significant interaction between gender and belief.  

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